Monday, June 8, 2009

welcome to me

Its funny how we meet peolple and never ave any idea wat they will mean 2 u let me just go thru a list of d people who av made my life wat it is 2day

1)Vanilla(wifey): my high school sweetheart even though its been 8 yrs thinking about her gets me a little shook up i cant breathe in d perfume of frangipani without picturing her smile or hearing her laughter

2)Hazel(boo): the other girl d 1st girl who made me see dat not all girls need to be wooed some of them are just dying 2 give it up 2 u but d cause of my estrangement 4rm Van

3)Princess(wifey): my kryptonite she was hot in d words odf d'banj o n gbona feli feli met thru a friend and 4 d 1st time a girl who was strong enuff to challenge me and soft enough 2 make me want to take care of her but it wasnt meant to be.

4)Ho:this guy was my dude and he still is just not a part of d baby clan me and him raised hell on campus especially amongst d females no be we fine pass but...................enu o se na God do am

5)The (original) baby clan: bad, bald, broke, bush, blind(dark neo), blabbing(scribbles), brainless, & black babyu made d final days of CU bearable these guys r my brothers we ate spag 2geda played halo 2geda pes6 man these boys were real we culd stay up just talking and stuff making plans on how we'd have it all someday.

6)Chu: she was perfect skin like caramel voice like a ,eyes like storm tossed seas i just want 2 drown in them,legs dat went on forever a smile dat made my day but it wasnt meant to last the only girl i av ever been content just 2 av around me but love wasnt enuff for us she wanted sthg more sthg i wasnt able to give

7)Peaches: met her while i was with chu but culdnt do a thing about it but her lips just made me think of peaches so d 1st time we kissed was like d last time we did it it turns out i was kinda allergic to peaches or they were allergic to me(not)

There r still so many people i cant mention but i will scribs d next blog is gonna b all aout u and ur evil deeds.
So make it a date and anybody who wants d skinny on scribbles its gonna b a 3 part mini series lol so tell ur friends dat sir scribs is about 2 get his.


  1. ah ah p'sy pls lets hear d gist of all these girls

  2. DUUUUUUUDEEEEEEE No wu r talking!!! Mehn guy I too feel you mehn!!! I salute to the baby clan, we go make am...anybody wey talk sey we no go make am go kpai!!! but em why u no add ur own name na...I dey write my own soon oh!

  3. WTF!!! dude I no even read the post to the end b4 i comment b4...what r u trying to do, why must you pick on me guy...u wan wound!!! Guy if u venture try to attempt a mess up u wil face d consequences ooo...abge no fall my hand please...3 part mini series ke!! r u mad

  4. The people that pass thru ur life stick,just like a tattoo they are permanent,check out she put up a post similar to urs.
    Please hurry up and cast sir scribbles...i cnt

  5. lol...u said CU?wers dat?nd yeah nice peeps uve got around u.

  6. u went to cov uni, home to some of my buddies. sweet. first time here

  7. @naija shawty tanx a bunch
    @brokeass i'm not d kinda guy who'd kiss and tell but i culd make an xception if scribs comes clean
    @Scribs its sad man u dey jd bald dey yanqui bad is in niger neo in keffi broke in akwa ibom atimes i wonder if we'll all hookup again plus u know how it goes d student surpasses d master and all
    @juiceegal no be all tatoos dey permanent some dey comot wiv time checked out d blog and now i am a believer that there r girls dat av sall sense
    @@leggy covenant uni 9ja
    @yinkuslolo u bet i did 4 yrs in dat school no b joke welcome to d most addictive thing on d planet