Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Past 1

I'm a 1st time blogger and I'm proud Its funny how time flies 1st i was d big chubby(read fat) kid in d neigbhourhood had evrything i ever wanted and cried when people called me fat but I remember my mum telling me dat I was better fed and they were suffering from lack running around wiv my best friend wish those days culd come back again.ok enuff wiv d reminiscing. some of d best and worst days of my life were in sceondary school(high school to u folks in d diaspora) i remember being scared of girls to thod=se of u who know me know like kay,sam, scribbles u'll be lik yeah write i remember there was a day i sat down bside 1 girl and i needed to use her eraser i had 2 send d message round half d class and she sant it via said route not knowing it was me until it came full circle damn i was foolish


  1. lmao u r a lame morrasucker...round d whole class ke...but look at you now..in d prime of ur womanizing career!!!

  2. hmmm...just got here.....funny introdution, mine was lamer and random....join the random bandwagon!!! sent a message round class....pretty classy
    welcome to blogsville!!!

  3. sir, did u just type morrasucker! one paddy of mine uses that word as often as visiting the bathroom. more than anyway.

    mehn, P'sy-A-wana! dis ur name, na u biko. if i were that chic, i wud laff u tire

  4. @ scribs wat wuld u know about womanising u give guys like us a bad name but u r still fems baby clan rules
    @naija shawty wants in a name u culd call a rose by any other name and it wuld still smell as sweet P.S psy(chotic)

  5. lol.. seems like you like calling back your past alot shey?

    The past makes pretty good ol' stories..

    thanks for breezing in...on my blog
    I'm following yours...