Tuesday, June 23, 2009


I havent put up a post in a while so here goes:

The past year has been full of tears and triumphs, finished uni and had my then baby (chu) all teary eyed about how she didnt know wat she'd do wivout me around (sob sob). I went 2 camp, and came back, and thats when she drops the bomb, and says she doesnt know wat she wants in a man, wat the fcuk i spent 3 weeks wiv girls who wanted to put out, but i had to be d faithful in scribs words morrasucker, so wat did i do acted like a girl went on a drinking spree got fucked up, but then I had an epiphany, Sam said she was innocent wen we met but dat didnt last long 'wink wink', so he figured I got d best end of the deal when she left me, rite wen i needed to be free.

I miss my friends, aka d baby clan allow me to introduce them: bald baby who was in his early 20’s but his fast receding hairline said 45, blind baby who stood 5ft6", the guy never said die, a real ladies man, plus he was active only @ night, when it was time 4 classes he slept. sometimes I wonder how he managed 2 graduate, broke baby this dude had Chinese eyes, and he never had money.jk. we used to say that if u put ur hands in his pockets, u'd find cobwebs lol, Scribs aka blabbing baby this guy culd talk, I av nevr met a guy who talks like this dude in my life, d only time I av seen him shut up was when 2 baba beat him @ pro6, bad baby this dude was d definition of rude most times we got into trouble it was cos of him he was my proj partner I ended up doing the project alone mscheew, brainless baby this guy was so slow he'd laff 30 minutes after we cracked a joke, but I think they were my realest friends @ uni if u guys read
burst the _______
scatter the _______
bullet the _______
feel cool in the_____

So Nysc, God a hellish yr all round. The high points were meeting girls like on a daily basis, hanging out wiv my guys, downing cold beer and eating suya, but evn that cant last cos now i av an obligation (check out the next para). The real world is a beautiful and scary place to be in, cos theres no safety net anymore, u get mo money, but u av more distractions (girls and stuvz), in school if u failed u rewrote d paper, but in the real world if u fail I shudder to evn think of dat hapenning.

So my sis graduated wiv a 1st class, i felt so proud of her cos evn though we fight like mad i still love her die and then 2 days l8r my other sis calls me and says Psy guess wat u r an uncle i'm like damn i'm getting older so his name is Chidiebube and he is d most beautiful thing I av ever seen 2 hands, 2 feet, 10 toes and fingers, 2 ears no teeth yet, brown eyes, perfection wiv a smile, I dont evn need to teach him how to be a playa took him out d other day to d mall and girls were falling all over themselves just to touch him and u guessed it he is now my wingman lol.Oh and i saw my ex and d nu guy she's dating 1 guy but he aint better than me I still rock her ........

I was listening to Raheem Devaughn's Woman today and these lines stuck
"I appreciate ur smile, and the 9 months it takes to carry, and birth a child......and evn as a single parent mama, u still hold it down somehow thank u Mama...Ucan av a big old car and a big old house but next to God nothing else amounts to a Woman" People go on about how this person or that person is the greatest influence in their life, for me that person is my mum the woman is my superhero, growing up she always had my back, and she still does. So to all mothers out there we love u pieces evn though we hate it when u get all up in our faces it cos we want to learn our own lessons i remeber my lil cuz playin near a lamp and we always carried him away one day no one was there and he touched it he never touched it again dats how mothers should be willing to let u go and ready 2 brush u off when u fall.


  1. this baby clan, we've been reading about. funny how y'all are guys and uname urself baby blah. stay faithful to ur baby chu

  2. so how una meet form baby clan?
    he is d most beautiful thing I av ever seen 2 hands, 2 feet, 10 toes and fingers, 2 ears no teeth yet, brown eyes, perfection wiv a smile....before nko na 20 toes?

  3. lol.. who says he aint better than you?
    Men and pride.. se yah mouth..lol

    Welcome back though.

  4. which one is baby clan?like of all the names na baby clan?lol.ur girl leave u?chee yah.lol

  5. Shout out to the Baby Clan!
    Hediot how E no go graduate ...you forgot how he was one of the smartest morrasuckas you ever met?

  6. Awww..... your friends seem like so much fun!!!

  7. @yinkus the baby clan is d most prolific group of friends to walk d earth in this millenia...the rules 4 names is simple pick a trait see if it starts wiv 'B',and it sticks
    @rene Uni days when we got tired of chasing skirts, and needed sthg else to divert our attention(nothing gay i assure u)the clan was formed...wen u av ur own child, if u talk as if he is d 1st baby ever, i'll remind u of this comment
    @sassy me i be chilling on a big boy stance...in the words of M.I, I'm a PC and he a cheap calculator,I'm solar energy and he a generator (grin)
    @leggy i wont take offence, u r 1 of those people scribs talked about, who dont know BS, so when they see d real deal they dont know it either..i'll let scribs handle u cos he came up wiv d name and he is 1 of us
    @ Dark neo i still dey rep my clan...na luck u use comot 4 uni jo@ lol...burst d catofi
    @fab trust me they r