Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Mi Famiglia(My Family) PT 1

I always wonder how, some people can say they grew up with 2 siblings, me I grew up with a veritable brood, @ the last count I had 6 brothers and 10 sisters (and now 1 nephew). Growing up in a hoise like that had its highs and lows like chow time if u are the last to the table it was a sure thing that your food would have been halved by the others if you get @ all, or when it was time to sleep if u dulled, and went to bed late, u go sleep for parlor, the only good thing was dat all the rooms had air conditioning, so i used to sleep in the bar on the pool table the felt was so soft lol.

There was this time when there was no light so Me and my brother had to go downstairs, and flip the switch to generator, but we were watching Omen when they took the light, I swear I saw a shadow gliding towards me, I just ran down the stairs, flipped the switch, jumped off the wall and zipped back up the stairs.

Not to sound like I'm boasting, but my brothers were playas of the highest caliber, and like the dragonballz, they were already saiyan when I got to know about women, so I've been saiyan ever since, anyhows I got the job of herding all their gfs around the house, so @ any one time there culd be 4 girls each for them, and it was my job to make sure that none of their paths ever crossed. And I was so good @ it that not once did my dad even know there where girls in his house all the time, or maybe he did but thot they were my sisters friends.

The first time i got to know that girls were more valuable as a commodity than boys was about 15 years ago, it was christmas period so my sisters wanted to get their hair done, my Pops is like okay here's 30 G's go do your hair and look good, and he sends off with 3 cars, and drivers. So I go up to him and say pops I wanna cut my hair he looks @ me, and goes into his room gives me a clipper, and 20 naira, and says theres a barber next door imagine...

PT 2 coming soon


I love seeing girls all decked up to the 9's, in them skimpy clothes, but i hate it when a girl leaves her house, wearing afore mentioned apparel, and then starts to tug @ the hem. I'm like y u wear am comot if u no wan show skin, go figure.

Y do girls like to front, don' get me wrong,I like girls dat front but it gets boring if its too! much us guys are like 100 meter runners but girls go wan turn us to marathoners.

Why is it that when you are dating somebody some1 somewhere is crushing you like mad but when you call it off the person is over you.

Why do the nigerian police think its now the norm to be "sorted" they don't even ask for ur papers all they say s sort us and go.

Why is it easier to flirt over the phone than in person and even easier to do so with some1 you have never met.

Why am I even writing this I have work to do.....

Friday, July 10, 2009

The truth about........

Love and war are both related, In war you seek to conquer ur adversary, in love u seek to conquer a heart, In war you spend money, and time, in love u spend even more,
In war you must know when to press forward, and when to hold ground, in love u must know when to pursue, and when to use absence to increse attraction.
In war the use of spies is not only encouraged, it is a neccessity, in love use her friends to know what she likes, it saves you the trouble of having to wait for her to say.
all war is deception, showing ur adversary what he wants to see, in love (self explanatory).
Know thy self, know thy enemy. A thousand battles, a thousand victories.
Sun Tzu

Many a time I've had troubled dreams,
While wondering night's dark realms,
All around me I was beset by sorrow,
hope could not keep me for tomorrow.
Till I met an angel, and in that encounter,
all of life's negative impacts she countered,
all the tears I wept through the night into the day,
She came and wiped them all away.
She has me under a spell,
which haunts me more than I can tell,
I still don't understand how I fell,
How she's got me living like I'm in a prison cell,
She stole my heart with such grace,
now she has me wondering this unfamiliar place,
She pierced my heart with loves unwavering dart,
should she leave my life from me will surely depart.