Tuesday, July 14, 2009


I love seeing girls all decked up to the 9's, in them skimpy clothes, but i hate it when a girl leaves her house, wearing afore mentioned apparel, and then starts to tug @ the hem. I'm like y u wear am comot if u no wan show skin, go figure.

Y do girls like to front, don' get me wrong,I like girls dat front but it gets boring if its too! much us guys are like 100 meter runners but girls go wan turn us to marathoners.

Why is it that when you are dating somebody some1 somewhere is crushing you like mad but when you call it off the person is over you.

Why do the nigerian police think its now the norm to be "sorted" they don't even ask for ur papers all they say s sort us and go.

Why is it easier to flirt over the phone than in person and even easier to do so with some1 you have never met.

Why am I even writing this I have work to do.....


  1. GO and do your work then!

    Such is life my friend...such is life.

  2. haha, I am in like with this post. why do babes front?

    maybe it is the new mode of flirting

  3. I hate girls that tug the hem to.
    Fronting is good but there's limit and some people don't know that. daft!
    I guess it's easier bcuz you are flirt with the mental picture you've painted of the person and not really the person...what am I typing?

  4. jamb question shey, I answer the question wiv a question, why are you questioning things that will never change?

  5. No one wants somebody that nobody else wants. Its like when you see the last loaf of bread on the shelve.