Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Who's got it better in the battle of the sexes.............

It was the second day of the new year, and I was hanging out with my very close friends, one of whom happens to be a girl, and we started talking about our love lives in the year 2009. When she's like there's this "uncle" she's seeing right now while there's another dude on the side, and the next thing to come out of her mouth is that in relationships girls have the short end of the stick we all just laugh about it and it ended there.

But I thought about it over and over and here are my findings

Compliments: If she changes her hairdo you are honour bound to to compliment her but you could lose 50kgs become really ripped and she might not say a thing.

Trips/Paroles: so what if you have to get dressed up, and start preparing an hour before I pick you up, I still wait an hour anyways, and then i spend money and get stuck in traffic while you make gooey eyes at the dude in the next car

Sex: girls talk about it like it's only guys who enjoy it, but the truth is we do all the work, I mean if the dude doesn't get you off at least once y'all just go looking for it someplace else, To the best of my knowledge none of my guys ever leave a woman in that state(except maybe scribbles lol).

So this is more or less a challenge to all the ladies in blogsville if you think there are ways in which ladies lose out in relationships holla @ your boy, and I'll be sure to set you right.

P.S happy new year to all my blogsville peeps