Friday, October 23, 2009

she said "she's okay"

Its stormy in lagos on a cool april night, I come home from work to see my baby staring at the moonlight, shivering in the cold I ask her"what's the matter" she says "I'm okay".

We went out with friends, and this girl caught my eye started flirting,noticed my baby look my way, I could see her crying inside so i clean up my act and ask her "baby whats wrong" she says"I'm okay"

So we had our first kid and it was a girl but i was out with my friends while she put to bed i get there the day after and see her with tears in her eyes i ask her why the tears she said "I'm okay"

Our fifth year anniversary and I plum forgot came home and didnt get her a thing with lights turned down low a glass of wine in her hand she greets me at the door and said hapyy anniversary I just stand there with a dumb look on my face she shuts herself in the room and cries all night I stay by the door and tell her how sorry I am, tell her to give me a chance to be a better man.

That was thirty years ago if it was a day, and now she looks at me with love in her eyes so when she starts to tear and I ask her "why?" she says now I'm truly okay"

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Hello blogsville this post is true every word of it, it’s a Tale of how lucky or unlucky my closest friends have been in love n.b this refers only to their relationships while we were in school

Jerry; this guy had an angel “l” for a love but like guys everywhere he blew it in love today out of it the next never did get the story on that one. He had another one “r” she was a girl who could make me wolf whistle and I don’t know how to whistle, but she was unfaithful so he in the words of b.i.g “cut the hooker off” but didn’t find someone nu.

Sam; the first memory I have of him is him holding onto “la” and swinging her around in his skinny arms but like everything else it went the way of all flesh. Next on the scene that we acknowledged was “Le” but we don’t do long distance so we let her go but I don’t think she knows yet.

Jboi; n/a he loved to play away matches.

Demo; bad guy extraordinaire he didn’t have any gf that I knew of but the guy got more !@# than china has people (a little exaggeration) one day he had this chick on speaker she didn’t know and next thing we know she was “helping herself out”.

Jd boy; this guy was a romantic to the core his first relationship was wiv a gal who had a higher iq than he did proud ibo boy he was he broke it of(lie) the next one ended the minute before he got on the plane to where he is @ right now.

Chinko; the dudes been seeing the same girl for like 5 years, he is as good as married.
So if u see any of these guys around you ladies please don’t be afraid to say hi.