Tuesday, June 23, 2009


I havent put up a post in a while so here goes:

The past year has been full of tears and triumphs, finished uni and had my then baby (chu) all teary eyed about how she didnt know wat she'd do wivout me around (sob sob). I went 2 camp, and came back, and thats when she drops the bomb, and says she doesnt know wat she wants in a man, wat the fcuk i spent 3 weeks wiv girls who wanted to put out, but i had to be d faithful in scribs words morrasucker, so wat did i do acted like a girl went on a drinking spree got fucked up, but then I had an epiphany, Sam said she was innocent wen we met but dat didnt last long 'wink wink', so he figured I got d best end of the deal when she left me, rite wen i needed to be free.

I miss my friends, aka d baby clan allow me to introduce them: bald baby who was in his early 20’s but his fast receding hairline said 45, blind baby who stood 5ft6", the guy never said die, a real ladies man, plus he was active only @ night, when it was time 4 classes he slept. sometimes I wonder how he managed 2 graduate, broke baby this dude had Chinese eyes, and he never had money.jk. we used to say that if u put ur hands in his pockets, u'd find cobwebs lol, Scribs aka blabbing baby this guy culd talk, I av nevr met a guy who talks like this dude in my life, d only time I av seen him shut up was when 2 baba beat him @ pro6, bad baby this dude was d definition of rude most times we got into trouble it was cos of him he was my proj partner I ended up doing the project alone mscheew, brainless baby this guy was so slow he'd laff 30 minutes after we cracked a joke, but I think they were my realest friends @ uni if u guys read
burst the _______
scatter the _______
bullet the _______
feel cool in the_____

So Nysc, God a hellish yr all round. The high points were meeting girls like on a daily basis, hanging out wiv my guys, downing cold beer and eating suya, but evn that cant last cos now i av an obligation (check out the next para). The real world is a beautiful and scary place to be in, cos theres no safety net anymore, u get mo money, but u av more distractions (girls and stuvz), in school if u failed u rewrote d paper, but in the real world if u fail I shudder to evn think of dat hapenning.

So my sis graduated wiv a 1st class, i felt so proud of her cos evn though we fight like mad i still love her die and then 2 days l8r my other sis calls me and says Psy guess wat u r an uncle i'm like damn i'm getting older so his name is Chidiebube and he is d most beautiful thing I av ever seen 2 hands, 2 feet, 10 toes and fingers, 2 ears no teeth yet, brown eyes, perfection wiv a smile, I dont evn need to teach him how to be a playa took him out d other day to d mall and girls were falling all over themselves just to touch him and u guessed it he is now my wingman lol.Oh and i saw my ex and d nu guy she's dating 1 guy but he aint better than me I still rock her ........

I was listening to Raheem Devaughn's Woman today and these lines stuck
"I appreciate ur smile, and the 9 months it takes to carry, and birth a child......and evn as a single parent mama, u still hold it down somehow thank u Mama...Ucan av a big old car and a big old house but next to God nothing else amounts to a Woman" People go on about how this person or that person is the greatest influence in their life, for me that person is my mum the woman is my superhero, growing up she always had my back, and she still does. So to all mothers out there we love u pieces evn though we hate it when u get all up in our faces it cos we want to learn our own lessons i remeber my lil cuz playin near a lamp and we always carried him away one day no one was there and he touched it he never touched it again dats how mothers should be willing to let u go and ready 2 brush u off when u fall.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Only in 9ja

I saw this guy on my way home 4rm work wearing a shirt tucked in, selling some towel holders for d bathroom as in d guy must av worked 9-5, and he still hit d streets to go hustling as soon as he gets off work, or u see people turning their cars to cabs for fuel money, or u see a 6 year old hawking pure water on the streets weaving in, and out of traffic like it was a ballet its only in 9ja.

Sad as it is they talk about the global economic crisis and how people r being laid off but in 9ja we av always had crisis and, we still dey buy cars, dey build houses, we dey go club dey pop bottles upon bottles, dey throw parry like say tommorow no dey, dey go spend summer for wherever come dey oppress u for ur own country sef na only 9ja.

Some people go dey feel bad say dem get pimples or their nose no straight, dem go just run mental carry guns fuck everybody up for school, or take razor slice him wrists, jump from bridge, make dem come 9ja see as things dey go, no light, no water, corruption is rife throughout the land, but still we keep grinding believing dat e go better..
Say wat u will about 9ja, but the truth is in d words of DJ Khaled "we taking over" but its one country at a time

9ja rules

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Still Cave men

a lot of people talk about love and how wonderful it is when u find that special one me i've found d secial one quite a lot in my 24 years i've been on earth 12 of those spent aware of women and in all at time i av come 2 realize dat men haven't changed from d cave man eraa we still love the chase in fact the chase is almost if not evrything wiv dat said lets get down to it;
Why r women so gullible its nice atimes but it culd be downright annoying at others i mean they never want to hear d truth right after she wakes up u better av a smile, a kiss, and a u r beautiful if u want some y cant a guy tell a girl his mind wivout having to think 4 steps down the line about potential fallout or or play war of warcraft rather than talk on the phone @ night or chill wiv ur boys and a beer rather than want to go out and SHOP in fact i don vex Homies over....... lol
Peaches i remember how it started txt messages late night phone calls i cut all my friends out just cos she always said she wasnt looking to date anytime soon so i spent my time and MY money going to her place hanging out and her saying she culdnt came visit me cos she felt safe in her house (imagine how chicken go feel safe for hen house wen fox dey inside too) we used to spend the weekends in each others company or she'd call me and i'd go sit wiv her @ d salon while she made her hair then I stepped it up one day she had icecream on her lip so I wiped it off wiv my finger and I culd feel her pulse speed up as her breathing hitched then I licked d ice cream off my finger and told her she tasted of peaches so i start priming her telling her dat i don't eat peaches b4 they r ripe and she tells me there is one guy dat wants 2 take her peaches (get it she started using my term for her lips so i knew i was home free) she asked if i had a girlfriend dat there was this girl she always used to see wiv me and i was like are u looking for a boyfriend (of which she was) and i was like she's my best friend but when i finally did get my peaches it wasnt all dat lol.
Scribs e be like say u no wan get respect again abi no be only alchohol u go drink u go chop spag wey dem cook wiv weed mscheew

Monday, June 8, 2009

welcome to me

Its funny how we meet peolple and never ave any idea wat they will mean 2 u let me just go thru a list of d people who av made my life wat it is 2day

1)Vanilla(wifey): my high school sweetheart even though its been 8 yrs thinking about her gets me a little shook up i cant breathe in d perfume of frangipani without picturing her smile or hearing her laughter

2)Hazel(boo): the other girl d 1st girl who made me see dat not all girls need to be wooed some of them are just dying 2 give it up 2 u but d cause of my estrangement 4rm Van

3)Princess(wifey): my kryptonite she was hot in d words odf d'banj o n gbona feli feli met thru a friend and 4 d 1st time a girl who was strong enuff to challenge me and soft enough 2 make me want to take care of her but it wasnt meant to be.

4)Ho:this guy was my dude and he still is just not a part of d baby clan me and him raised hell on campus especially amongst d females no be we fine pass but...................enu o se na God do am

5)The (original) baby clan: bad, bald, broke, bush, blind(dark neo), blabbing(scribbles), brainless, & black babyu made d final days of CU bearable these guys r my brothers we ate spag 2geda played halo 2geda pes6 man these boys were real we culd stay up just talking and stuff making plans on how we'd have it all someday.

6)Chu: she was perfect skin like caramel voice like a ,eyes like storm tossed seas i just want 2 drown in them,legs dat went on forever a smile dat made my day but it wasnt meant to last the only girl i av ever been content just 2 av around me but love wasnt enuff for us she wanted sthg more sthg i wasnt able to give

7)Peaches: met her while i was with chu but culdnt do a thing about it but her lips just made me think of peaches so d 1st time we kissed was like d last time we did it it turns out i was kinda allergic to peaches or they were allergic to me(not)

There r still so many people i cant mention but i will scribs d next blog is gonna b all aout u and ur evil deeds.
So make it a date and anybody who wants d skinny on scribbles its gonna b a 3 part mini series lol so tell ur friends dat sir scribs is about 2 get his.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Tears of the Moon

There was a girl I wuld av given it all up for evrythin I was and all dat I culd av been, & I thot she felt the same way. I always used to say to myself dat I wanted just one thing from her same as I wanted from evry other girl but it was different next thing I knew we'd take walks, hold hands I was a goner me who prIded myself on being worse than all of my bothers in affairs of the heart falling for a mere stripling how embarrassing so I introduced her(lets call her baby) to my mum dad d people who mattered to me, d baby clan.
When she called it quits I almost lost it went on a drinking spree dat lasted 3 days but dat was a lifetime ago its like i had an epiphany i was stuck wiv my heads in d clouds dreaming of d future and how it was going to be fine I was playing wiv poverty and didn't even know it I saw people who didnt av nothing kids begging in the streets grown men and women wiv nothing to do but try 2 survive and hope to die, Now there's no room for a woman in my life I'm all about d money. I'm all cried out now my smile's all people see

Thursday, June 4, 2009

The travails of Uni 1st yr

It felt so good 2 leave home finally if i had only known wat i was getting into chapel service like 3 times a week minimum public lectures (boring) d only thing dat made it evn bearable was d girls yes d girls so many of them 4rm all over so 1 quickly bcame a flirt (@ least i did) always in d company of women and 2 make it worse Revo and not being able to leave and let off some steam God looking back now i wonder how i survived dat year let alone graduated so over d nxt few posts u'll feel like u went 2 my school and Hate it almost as much as i did.

The case of the walkin money I went home(read as escaped) 4 a few days b4 matric and came back wiv a lot of money so i split it up (not 1 to put all my eggs in 1 basket) 5Gs here 10Gs there like dat sha anyhow went to bed d door was locked up tightr than a Virgin in Scribbles days lol and it was me and my roommates in d room so i woke up in d morning took d keys 2 d wardrobe and the lock just fell out (shock) and nxt thing i know 5Gs here 10Gs there bcomes 2gs here 4gs there woke my roomies up and they all swore they didnt see a thing omo i went all niger delta militant on them and we found the money in d bin of all places.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Past 1

I'm a 1st time blogger and I'm proud Its funny how time flies 1st i was d big chubby(read fat) kid in d neigbhourhood had evrything i ever wanted and cried when people called me fat but I remember my mum telling me dat I was better fed and they were suffering from lack running around wiv my best friend wish those days culd come back again.ok enuff wiv d reminiscing. some of d best and worst days of my life were in sceondary school(high school to u folks in d diaspora) i remember being scared of girls to thod=se of u who know me know like kay,sam, scribbles u'll be lik yeah write i remember there was a day i sat down bside 1 girl and i needed to use her eraser i had 2 send d message round half d class and she sant it via said route not knowing it was me until it came full circle damn i was foolish