Friday, June 5, 2009

Tears of the Moon

There was a girl I wuld av given it all up for evrythin I was and all dat I culd av been, & I thot she felt the same way. I always used to say to myself dat I wanted just one thing from her same as I wanted from evry other girl but it was different next thing I knew we'd take walks, hold hands I was a goner me who prIded myself on being worse than all of my bothers in affairs of the heart falling for a mere stripling how embarrassing so I introduced her(lets call her baby) to my mum dad d people who mattered to me, d baby clan.
When she called it quits I almost lost it went on a drinking spree dat lasted 3 days but dat was a lifetime ago its like i had an epiphany i was stuck wiv my heads in d clouds dreaming of d future and how it was going to be fine I was playing wiv poverty and didn't even know it I saw people who didnt av nothing kids begging in the streets grown men and women wiv nothing to do but try 2 survive and hope to die, Now there's no room for a woman in my life I'm all about d money. I'm all cried out now my smile's all people see


  1. Its like when it comes to unfortunate emotion-based situations, I am your circumstantial younger case was not half as bad, but it put me on the same path!

  2. well, it is good to know u're all about the money for now cos i think most pple's prob is that they do not know what they stand for.

  3. LMAO!!! Dude I had a feeling this story was gonna come up sooner or later... Na wetin dat girl do u be dis cos dis wasn't how u explained it to me...sha we are all 4 d money now oo!

  4. aww..chee comes before one!

  5. @ neo my guy y does it happen to the good ones
    @ naija shawty dats deep people dont know wat they stand 4 hmmmm
    @robby some things are better left unsaid but u better respect urself b4 i treat u 4 my blog d gambler
    @leggy u cant blame a brother now u dont av money and she frees u u r a broke ass without a babe but wiv bar u r a an eligible bachelor

  6. no no
    don``t give up on love though!
    when you find it truly, its a beautiful thing i promise you! :)

    ehhh...but moneys gud too. lol