Monday, November 9, 2009

Miss Right

The best part of my day’s getting to see you or talk to you, you make a dull life (my dull) life brim with excitement, you make me believe things I didn’t used to and doubt those I did, you show me love’s magic and all the blessings it brings. I’d give up my hope for eternity for a night in your arms(though I already had that). The nightmares are a thing of the past you falling asleep in my arms us more than I ever hoped for, cos of you I can relate to Paris, Romeo, ”Clyde” , I used to think them stupid but knowing what i know now I’d fight for you, die for you, even rob a bank for you.
With you is where I’ll always want to be, my heart beats a tattoo it says my lucky charm, a ghra, mi amor, I love you (in 16 bars).

I’ve met a lot of girls seen so many faces,
But I’ve yet to meet a guy with whom I’d trade places,
Like a thoroughbred your love’s put me through my paces,
I can’t find the path to my past no traces.
I’ve finally gotten to understand what grace is,
Me loving you through life’s different phases.
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