Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Still Cave men

a lot of people talk about love and how wonderful it is when u find that special one me i've found d secial one quite a lot in my 24 years i've been on earth 12 of those spent aware of women and in all at time i av come 2 realize dat men haven't changed from d cave man eraa we still love the chase in fact the chase is almost if not evrything wiv dat said lets get down to it;
Why r women so gullible its nice atimes but it culd be downright annoying at others i mean they never want to hear d truth right after she wakes up u better av a smile, a kiss, and a u r beautiful if u want some y cant a guy tell a girl his mind wivout having to think 4 steps down the line about potential fallout or or play war of warcraft rather than talk on the phone @ night or chill wiv ur boys and a beer rather than want to go out and SHOP in fact i don vex Homies over....... lol
Peaches i remember how it started txt messages late night phone calls i cut all my friends out just cos she always said she wasnt looking to date anytime soon so i spent my time and MY money going to her place hanging out and her saying she culdnt came visit me cos she felt safe in her house (imagine how chicken go feel safe for hen house wen fox dey inside too) we used to spend the weekends in each others company or she'd call me and i'd go sit wiv her @ d salon while she made her hair then I stepped it up one day she had icecream on her lip so I wiped it off wiv my finger and I culd feel her pulse speed up as her breathing hitched then I licked d ice cream off my finger and told her she tasted of peaches so i start priming her telling her dat i don't eat peaches b4 they r ripe and she tells me there is one guy dat wants 2 take her peaches (get it she started using my term for her lips so i knew i was home free) she asked if i had a girlfriend dat there was this girl she always used to see wiv me and i was like are u looking for a boyfriend (of which she was) and i was like she's my best friend but when i finally did get my peaches it wasnt all dat lol.
Scribs e be like say u no wan get respect again abi no be only alchohol u go drink u go chop spag wey dem cook wiv weed mscheew


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  2. u dis guy, i tot u were gonna strip scribs. so u were with chu when u started chasing peaches abi? u sef, are ur lips all that? cos ur lips also play a role in whatever u did with peaches'.

  3. Yeah, chicks can b really dumb a'times.

    P.S: Maybe i'm just behind the times, but i kinda think yo post would be a lot more "reader-friendly" if you employed more punctuation marks.

  4. @yinkus i'll say one thing my lips speak for themselves lol sides chu was far away in jos wat was I to do

  5. Leave sir scribbles alone now ahn ahn...wt did my husband do 2 u
    Her lips were not al dat hun*raisin eyebrows* did u tel her that??? lol
    Kay 9 is right...punctuation marks next time pls.......Thank you.

  6. Juiceegal dis one statement you have made has saved our marriage for Yinkuslolo U wan hear gossip abi lol...oga gtay u r mad!! U no get anything u talk u just they huff and puff dey blow hot air, no dey threaten me 4 public o lol

  7. lol....well if uve found a lot of special ones..isnt it about them u realise they werent special after all?i tot love was supposed to be a once and forever kinda thing?no expert..just saying.oh u went to cu?no offence..i never liked that place.

  8. dats y i like talking better a few pauses dats all, no punctuations but i'll try it out nxt time
    @yinkus if i go treat my guy fuckup, no be u go tell me when where or how but i will
    @sassy trends wat is it dat u find funny, tanx 4 stoopin ova i think i already returned d favor.
    @j u don see where person dey divorce before marriage, take time b4 we call meeting on top ur head.
    @scribs u wan try me ehn instead make u call me dey beg, u dey show for blogsville abi.
    @leggy mayb u r rite they werent special but i read somewhere (tumblebugs) u r unique so is every one else.

  9. LMAO! U licked d icecream off her?
    Iono why that is sooo funny!