Monday, August 10, 2009


I have learnt that the trick to sucess, is to make sure every one else fails, if u want to get a job, be the best qualified for that position, make other applicants fail, if you wanna get a girl same thing applies, be everything she wants in a man, make every other guy inadequate, ergo make them fail, but i have come to see that there is an art to making them fail, cos if you are seen as undercutting the competition you might end up been seen as manipulative but when you take time out, and really think about it arent we all.
We do it in little ways reverse psychology or as Sun-Tzu said show them the potential gain, be like a shooting star always out of reach, seem unattainable, make them hunger with every fiber of their being, become entwined in their life, and then dissappear just like that trust me,it works every time.
To the ladies if you know what you want, why dont you just bleeding well say so rather than skulk around the bush like a @#$%^, But my fave move is to project what i want, as if i dont want it, it works all d time like i say to a girl
me:I dont think i'm the kind of guy u should fall in love with cos (list some some mad qualities)
girl:are you serious
me:yeah cos i wuldnt want to have u regret us being friends (or sthg (in)sensitive like that)

“You can’t always get what you want,But if you try sometimes, you might just find, you get what you need.” Rolling Stones.


  1. lol...when u say that then the girl tries to proove u wrong...niceee

  2. um... that works for a few female like 12.3% of them.

    i love the quote though. nice..

  3. If you want something, act as if you dont...
    That is one thing that works for me...

  4. Now this is some interesting stuff lol.

  5. Nice ... we cant all be winners!
    @BSNC its human nature to try and get what we dont already have. I think if well executed it works for every1.

  6. harsh truth...yet we must face it fair and square!

  7. @ Leggy hey wat can i say not every body is as outgoing as scribs or broody like neo some of us need a trick
    @ BSNC lemme guess u r part of the 87.7% abeg lol
    @ Sassy for a girl u've got brains
    @ TFF wat were u xpecting
    @ Neo ......
    @ Afro Spoken like a black man

  8. @BSNC,that figure is something else mehn...12.3%? lol.

  9. Sometimes you wanna make like a shooting star, then u shoot urself in the leg :)

  10. reverse psych dsn't work on me. i always know when sum1's tryn that on me. prob bcos i'm so gud @ it myslf...
    p.s its takin me ages to post a comment, i hpe it wont get posted a mil nd 1 tyms...

  11. Interesting stuff but I dont agree in totality. I believe 'fronting' is of the essense for chics. The "wham*bam* thanks m'am" philosophy is not for naija girls. Fronting keeps things moving (the right dose, that is).