Thursday, August 27, 2009

Dark and Deep pt2

Pain calls me brother, Fear knows me by name, sorrow I know like no other, Anger and I are one and the same, Loneliness is my companion, Darkness inhabits my soul, Deception my way of life, sowing seeds of hate and strife.
Living life behind my masks, all you see is a facade, just when they think they have me figured out, something else is revealed. The only constant in life is me,never changing, friends come and they go, people are born and others die, relationships once strong are broken, and all thats left are echoes of what once was.
I am what I am and that wont change for anyone.
Through pain I gained relief, from fear I have found courage, from sorrow I have the full measure of joy, with anger I have learnt restraint, from loneliness a thorough understaning of the word friendship, In Darkness I finally found light, Deception taught me the value of truth,Friends come and go that's true but that maybe they weren't made to be there in the first place, Relationships broken need not be reforged, I am what I am unyielding but flexible, firm but reasonable, finally able to change.
"Blessed are the hearts that can bend they shall never be broken"Albert Camus


  1. wow, I can totally relate.

    mehh i like this post o. chop knuckles

  2. wow...whats going on?

  3. so u wanted 2 ovatake me in leggy's blog shey??lol
    first tym here off 2 read older post.
    I like dis post btw hp u ok?

  4. This is deep but I can totally feel it. Good writing.

  5. @BSNC hope u dont relate to much this was a very disturbing period 4 me
    @leggy nothing o!!! just cleaning out my closet
    @cutee thanks 4 stopping by i'll check u out XX
    @Myne Whitman thanks it maeans a lot
    @Dark i'm still repping my family

  6. I LIKE THE WAY THIS ENDED.....hmmm....p'sy A-wana NA U KNOW OO!!!!!!! btw you totally DO NOT want to hear me pronounce your name! IT SOUNDS SEXILY RAZZ COMING FROM MY TONGUE..for some strange ass reason unknown to the UNIVERSE...amd thats exactly how i want it to remain...UNKNOWN!

  7. @ Lady KOKO tanx for liking it btw i like sexily razz