Friday, September 4, 2009

One year

A lot can change in a second, but this last year I learnt how much things, even when they change, actually still remain the same.

Its been one year;
one year since I stopped to smile,
one year where each step seemed like a mile.
one year since my sky turned gray,
one year since she walked away.
one year since she left my side,
one year spent bleeding inside.
one year spent with the darkest thoughts,
one year getting to know how much love hurts.
onw year dying a little everyday,
one year with my heart broken in 365 ways.
one year wishing she'd come back,
one year hoping she'll banish the dark.
one year dying to kiss her hair,
one year longing to whisper sweet nothings in her ear.
one year praying for God to take away this pain,
one year yearning to make love to her again.
one year spent all alone,
one year in which my house ceased to be my home.
one year and my sky is still blue,
one year and I'm still loving you.


  1. hmnnn... this is so true 'cos I have been there and believe it or not... if you don't shake it off, the one year will turn three years....

    Nice poes Psy....enjoy the weekend... and oh yeah...

    I'm 1sssssssssssssssssssssssssssssttttttttt!lol

  2. Oh seems like the whole of blogsville is heartbroken.
    Psy-A-wana...pele o!

    Need a hug?
    Oya take...


  3. @Sassy lemme tell u a secret she has a friend in blogsville its just a ploy lol
    @Fabulo-la that hug was just what the doctor ordered tanx-a-bunch

  4. ...I agree wiv Sassy, u've gotta move on naa. Abi is the ploy to try n get her back?

    U know life is too short...we all deserve to be happy n' alive both inside n' out! Dnt deny urself that biko...have a great week ahead!

  5. Yes we all deserve to be happy. You have to move up buddy..

    happy new month :)

  6. Nice poem, shows all the feelings in your heart but friend you have to move on. HUGS

  7. lol...laughed out