Saturday, September 26, 2009


Whats up blogsville, It’s been quite q while but I was waiting till I had sthg to say, I went for this job test last week, and I could see that the economic crunch is biting hard, see people looking for jobs like 40,000 people were there for like 50 openings people were now asking me what the questions were can you imagine come see snitching now giving people wrong info was like every bodies fave past time,800 to 1 what were they expecting with odds like that mscheew.

I met up wiv this girl she’s my boy’s (sam) babe’s friend, so I saw her in FB she wasn’t looking all that but when I met her in the flesh brrrrrr! Let’s just say I won’t be single for long she set die she’s so brazen plus she likes hanky panky which I like as well. A lot of my guys have ratings for girls like a point system score 1 for this deduct two for that for me nothing like that I believe man has 3 parts body, spirit, and soul girls dat stimulate my body are a dime a dozen they are the flings, the ones who can stimulate my soul are my girlfriends but the one dat can stimulate my spirit is the one I’m gonna walk down the aisle so for me you either have it or you don’t. Now this girl Body(check) Soul(check) Spirit(hell no) so for the next couple of months or weeks I’m off the flesh market lol.

It’s been almost 3 months since I last tasted alcohol I’m starting to forget what it tastes like so tomorrow I’m gonna call up my friends and just go chill somewhere and drown somebody’s sorrows lol. I wonder if it’s possible to forget how to have sex like if u don’t do it for a while do you just forget how or does it come back to you I would have done a survey but all the boys I know are regular as clockwork so I guess I’ll keep on wondering until one of them gets married, cos they wouldn’t be doing it in a regular.

Spoke to my cuz sometime ago he just got back from summer in yankee and he says he hooked up wiv girls on trains in buses and I got to thinking that I have never hooked up wiv a girl while using such modes of transportation it just doesn’t sound right like I’m in a bus and the conductor Is yelling for passengers in Naija IT JUST DOESN’T SOUND RIGHT , right?

I’m on FB and I see one of my little sisters the girls got like 2 tattoos she’s second to the last If my Pops sees it he is gonna commit a crime(shiverssss)and my Pops seems to know everything we do on FB, once he calls me and says “check so and so’s profile “ I do so and I see status “I’m f@#$^*g high” Pops is like we’ll see how he gets high when I cut off is allowance just like that,so I just gave myself brain my status on FB since then have been innocuous.
This goes out to Scribbles who used to be called THE G______ "no matter where you go make you no forget are o!". lol

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  1. Job tests in naija are crazy, wish you luck. Be safe while drinking and who says married peeps don't get sex on the regular? I hail your dad on facebook sha.