Saturday, August 22, 2009

Dark and Deep

When I walk out of your life,
will you think of me,
or will you wish we had never met?
When i Walk out that door,
will you be waiting for me to ring the bell,
or will you change the lock,
and say "you are not welcome here"?
When I say goodbye,
will that be the end,
or the rebirth of a love never ending?
When I die will anybody miss me,
or will they move on,
forgetting they ever met me?
When I have nothing,
will you be there for me,
or would you be gone,
like hope is for so many?
When you are sad,
and feeling blue,
someone,somewhere is thinking of you.


  1. hey hun thanks for stopping by, i must say your writing is quite officially following you from now on!! yay ::)

  2. Touching poetry, hope always gets me. Will add you.

  3. ahn ahn..oga wat is her name..cos wen u start to talk like dis e mean sey one chika somewhere don carry her mamirus milkimus waka comot 4rm ur lf elol

  4. i like this poem.. all we can do is hope.

  5. wow..i loved that poem.
    i think about that sometimes.

  6. @ Unwritten ditto
    @TaioFierce just like the ocean
    @Myne YAY!!!!
    @Scribbles na u know o!!!!
    @BSNC me too...ya know
    @leggy I thot it was only me