Tuesday, August 31, 2010

It gets better.

Hello blogsville it has been a while, so much has happened since I was here last, I've had an epiphany, one of my good friends lost his Mum, another friend's leaving for his masters, too name a few
I finally spoke to my ex and I didnt feel hurt or bitter I was just fond of her and we spoke about now and I was glad my head said move on even when my heart didnt want to. So this is a poem I wrote just after we broke up but I never looked at till now when I could say it was true its been 23 months and now I'm better.

It gets better.
When the one you thought would always be true
suddenly turns their back on you
and your heart feels like you've been running for miles
and you think you'll have reason to break out in smiles

If the one you gave all your trust
grinds it in the dust
and your soul feels raw an torn up inside
'cos you never thought they'd take you on a ride

When the person you prayed would grow old with you
would rather see your world split in two
when the one you want to hold
walks away leaving you in the cold

When the one you love
decides not to love you no more
The seasons change as does the weather
believe me when I say it gets better.


  1. Loved the poem..
    I'm glad you're better and stronger..
    You made it!