Sunday, February 14, 2010

My cheri amour

For the past months it’s been hard for me to express myself when it comes to my heart how do I make you understand that every time I say I want you with a smile even though you are with him I actually mean it or all those times I bust on your looks it’s because I’m about to blurt out just how perfect you are to me, from your brown eyes to your caramel brown, silky soft skin, or how I break out in goose pimples every time I hear your sultry voice.

Maybe I don’t understand what love is but this yearning for the peace that resides your presence and this unrest that comes with your absence, or the longing for your touch on my body or your voice as it calls my name, or how every time I close my eyes it feels as though your Image is burned on my eyelids, or how right it feels to take your hand in mine.

Stephanie Today is valentines and even though you won’t see this (at least for a while) today I declare boldly that I LOVE YOU maybe on day I’llstep out of the shadows and keep my feelings a secret no longer but till then you will always be what I need.

I want you to want me
I'm goin' crazy knowin' he will be your lover tonight
And when he comeS I'll let you go
I'll just pretend AS you WALK out the door

I need you to need me
I wanna hold ya but you're holdin' someone else in
your arms
When I close my eyes, I see your face
I'm just not sure how much my heart can ERASE
Oh no ...
I can't think
Oh no ...
I'm goin' crazy with love over you
Lionel Richie- oh no

You're voice is soothing to me
Like the strings of a guitar
It takes me right back to the begnning
And I fall in love all over

You never, never ask for nothing
That's why I wanna give you everything
That's why I sing, the joy you bring
It's worth more than the parfect love words

I get this feeling every time I think of you
And I know,you're the perfect love song

Every time I'm with you
I get inspired to be a better man
Your love is timeless, it lasts forever
Like the perfect love song
Boyz II Men-Perfect Love Song


  1. This yearning, need and want, with emotions brewing over is contagious.. makes believe in love, its sweetness.. and makes you forget that love can be bitter.. Good work.. I need a personal advice with a personal dilemma that I'm in .. since i'm personally involved, I can't be objective.. so please, could you drop by?Much grateful..

  2. Like Dude ... and I worry you??? better stop listening to Lionel Richie and get some rock... pipe!