Thursday, December 17, 2009

random thots.......

I just thot about this a spur of the moment thing:

The things I hate the most;
People spitting in the street
Some couples engaging in PDA (it looks unnatural)
People touching me needlessly
Someone standing close to me in a defined space when there is so much room
Chickens (I got chased by one when I was a child)*
That the baby clan is scattered around the world
Skinny babies
Being hungover
Waking up Monday morning
Man u and Barca

The things that scare me most;
Not having money
Having kids
Falling for any of my exes again
Not being able to get it up*


  1. i dont like PDA either, i dont like people standing so close to me...spitting on the streets with all the flu going around.

  2. Aww not to be touchy feely ... but I miss the baby clan too ... but how can we take over the world if we are all in one place!
    I don't think you should fear that last one ... from what I can gather you are not able to get it down*

  3. @leggy u know right some people are just NASTY but there r times when PDA'S r cool but they are few and far in between
    @Fabulo-la mayb its cos me and my siblings were all big babies or maybe its just that chubby babies r so cuuuute plus they dont look like you can break 'em
    @yh true dat bout the clan...and thanks for the compliment but i shudder to think you've been scoping

  4. You hate Man U? Na you sabi, LOL Man U for ever!!!!

    Who do all men fear not being able to get it up? hmmm...

  5. @Azazel that they exist is more than enuff plus champions league 07
    @yinkuslolo were u a skinny baby?
    @Myne if u got wiv a guy who culdnt get it up wat wuld u do?lol

  6. lol try doing a post on what you love..
    i guess you love arsenal, yeaaa gunner's dude..

  7. @BSNC gunners ke chelsea till i D.I.E

  8. Blue Boy,

    Respect your adversaries then will you be able to strategise a means to overpower him.

    Hatred like any emotion clouds your mind.

    See you at the end of the season when you finish second place.

    Of the CerBeruS

    *Forever United!!!*